Hi, I am Vivek Shah.

Startup & Tech Enthusiast

I am into software development, with inclination towards backend technologies. Currently my work revolves around graph databases, primarily focusing on Neo4j. I am good in python and node. I like to discuss about technologies and startups. I have worked with and for 3+ startups and looking forward to contribute more to the startup ecosystem. I am learning about Software Development, Data Analytics, System Design and everything else that interests me, one bit at a time.

Work Experience

Knowledge Foundry Business Solutions, Bangalore

Software Developement Engineer

May 2020-July 2020, Dec 2020 - Present

I am working for two US-based startups. My work at KF revolves around designing, developing and improving their systems. I work on Python, Node and Neo4j there. I have used my skills to build and maintain robust scalable systems. As part of my work, I also do data analysis and generate insights from that .

HR Digital Marketing, Nadiad

Web Developer

July 2019 - October 2019

My role is to develop and manage website development projects for the clients. I learned marketing, client relations and social media strategies apart from sharpening my web development skills. I lead the tech team there. We implemented business processes using technology to increase higher throughput.

Dech Labs, Surat

IT Intern

April 2019 - June 2019

Worked as a IT intern in a surat-based IT & startup consultancy firm during my second-year summer vacation. Contributed in more than 7 projects, including major contributions in 3 projects during my internship period. Majority of my work was with wordpress development.

Technical Strengths

Core Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms, OOP, Database Management
Programming Languages
C, Java, C++, C#(basic)
Scripting Languages
Python, PHP, Javascript, Shell
MySQL, MongoDb, Neo4j
Frameworks & Libraries
NodeJS, Django, ASP.NET, Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, BeautifulSoup
Git, Github, Visual Studio, Netbeans, JIRA


Meet Power Ups - Chrome Extension

Meet Power Ups is a chrome extension that let's you share images directly in the google meet meeting. Google meet doesn't support media sharing unlike zoom. Using this extension you can share the photos with just a key press. simple, easy and well-integrated into the google meet. Uses firebase for storing the media. Used javascript browser APIs for detection of new messages.
Project page: Meet Power Up's Devpost submission

Javascript Firebase Mutation Observer Browser Extension

EarlyBird - Assignments Reminder

Django Based web application that reminds you about upcoming assignment deadlines. I Used django model forms. Authentication is done using allauth. Used bootstrap for frontend designing.

Django AllAuth Bootstrap Deployment

Recipyyy - Recipe Portal

The project was implemented in ASP.NET using MVC pattern through entity framework. User can upload, view and share recipies. User can also share recipes via email. Frontend is based on HTML, CSS and jQuery

ASP.NET Jquery Email

Peer Code Review Portal

Django web app that allows users to give comment on each others code. Each review comment can also be linked with a part of code. Clicking on the review highlights that part of code. It also gives an option to upload versions of the code. Main motive for this project is to inspire collaboration and peer reviews among students. Used codemirror library for syntax highlighting.

Django CodeMirror Python

Techfest Management Portal

The project is implemented using Django framework. The frontend is implented using Bootstrap and jQuery. The portal allows user to register for the event, Admin can do CRUD operations on event.

Django Bootstrap ParticleJs

BatMan - Battery Manager

Python script that runs every minute on the machine and logs the battery information to a file. Used cronjob for scheduling. Set up automatic setup for cronjob. Did data analysis to draw insights from the data.

Python CronJobs Data Analysis

FriedPotato - CLI Instagram Scrapper

Fried Potato is a instagram scrapper that shows you the post, followers, and following count for any public or private instagram handle. Useful for small social media marketing firms. Used BeautifulSoup for scrapping the data. Supports file input and output for smoother operations.

Python BeautifulSoup Instagram

Worth Watch - Chrome Extension

Worth Watch adds a entry in chrome context menu. User can get IMDB ratings for the selected show just by selecting the text. It consumes OMDB API for data, and communicates to it via Ajax requests.

Chrome API Ajax OMDB API


Dharmsinh Desai University | July 2017 - May 2021

Bachlor of Technology (Computer Engineering)

CPI: 8.84

T. & TV. Sarvajanik Highschool, Surat | March 2017

12th (Science) - GSHSEB

Percentage: 94%

Presidency School, Surat | March 2015

10th (SSC) - GSHSEB

Percentage: 89%

A Bit More

I delivered 2 workshops, one on web development and one is on tips & tricks during my tenture at CSI DDU Student Branch. I got chance to interact with students as part of the CSI team. I learned management along with enhancing my technical and people skills. I was the president of the club for year 2019-2020.
Apart from tech, I like writing, reading and watching web series.
My Writings can be read on: Vivek's Quotes
My Favorite Book is: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini [Books I have read]
My Favorite Web Series is: Kota Factory by TVF
If you have a business idea or want to discuss something related to tech, drop me a mail at vivekshah9969@gmail.com.

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